The Tales of MephistoRolling


I'm MephistoRolling AKA Luke Meadows
I am a blogger, maker, gamer and YouTuber from Australia.
MephistoRolling started as my gamertag and quickly just became my online name, you can find me on most socials under MephistoRolling or under my real name. I would say that i am the sort of person who likes to get in and give everything a try.
So if you have something you have been curious about, let me know and i might write or make a video about it. I have an interest in, travel, electronics, games, food, construction, fashion/hair, and animals/nature.


On the 10/4/16 i will be flying over to Europe for 3 months, so expect a lot of travel videos.
Video series on the books are:
  • Travel Vlog
  • Nightlife in each country
  • Who makes the best coffee?
  • Adventure videos
  • Budget and planning tips (all costs revealed)
  • Types of Holidays
If you think of something you want me to talk about while on my trip let me know ASAP.