The Tales of MephistoRolling

Website Public Launch Time

Posted on: April 6, 2016

The Website is all up and running now!

There are a few keyholder pages on website, mainly the Euro Trip Page. But the rest is all there just missing some content.

There will be pages for each country/city i go to for photos, and new playlists will be added to the Video’s page different video series’.

There will be a general Vlog series, a Coffee series, Adventure series, Food Series, Tips and Tricks Series and a Nightlife series.

3 Days Left

Leading up to the 10th i have been going out hiking, and playing with friends.

So i might add a few of those photos and videos up before i leave if i get time.

I fly out to London via Doha, on the 10th at 6:45pm and arrive in London on the 11th at 1:15pm.

I will be staying at a place near Buckingham Palace called Belle Cour, I will be there just the one night, and will have to head to the Contiki tour jump off point at 5am to get there by 6am for check-in. The coach leaves at 6:45am to head to the ferry and over to France!!


Looking forward to starting the trip, the excitement has all hit me in the last few days.

Talk soon!