Everything you need to know about coloured hair styling products

Everything you need to know about coloured Pomade, wax, paste or cream.
Unlike dyes, these products are a powdered pigment suspended in a form of styling product, normally a wax based product.
If you think of these products as a paint for hair, it will make applying it easier.

The products often look super iridescent and vibrant while in the container, but if fluffed up, or overworked the smooth surface becomes rough making the pigment looks dull. If you want to keep the bright colour, then it needs to be applied fairly thick so that the pigment is a few layers deep. This is best achieved with a painting technique, applying the product to the ends of the fingers and then brushing the fingers along the hair to deposit a layer of the coloured wax.

These products don’t often list their hold factor and are often quite an extreme hold. This makes it difficult to style the hair without overworking the product making it look dull. If possible find a low hold product, any hold needed can be achieved with holding sprays or using other styling pastes before using the coloured product.

My Coloured Hair Wax Video

I experimented with a few different methods and found that, a heavy conditioning followed by a leave-in product such as argan oil or leave in conditioner, allowed the coloured wax to sit on the outside of the hair and not dry out, I still had to fight to overcome the extreme hold of the product, but compared to using the product by itself I no longer felt like my hair was being pulled out. This allowed for a softer more flowing look. But the product would not dry because of the added oil and would rub off on your fingers if you touch your hair too much.

Types of hair styles

If the product is mixed with water or applied to very damp hair, the binders to not catch the hair and allow you to achieve an even tint without any patchiness. However, it is a duller colour but still looks quite nice.
I achieved a nice look by doing this, then as the hair dried I styled it, then once styled applied more product to boost the colour.

Due to the strong hold you can achieve good looks similar to what you can do with a strong gel. Nice spikes and styled hair, combovers and elevated styles.
I did a nice combover with the blue and the purple, just using it in my fringe.
This product will be much more effective in shorter hair, or using it just in small sections, on longer hair it can be brushed over the hair in thin coats to add a slight tint and shimmer, but this is difficult to achieve evenly, and a peppered effect should be expected.

I saw a YouTube video where he recommended a slow build, however, I built up layers slowly for half an hour and the end result looked very bad, it was dull, pale and patchy. if using a brush or a comb the product just flaked out of the hair. If thinking of the product as a paint this is what would be expected.

Mofajang Review

I bought a product called Mofajang Hair Coloring Material.
The box has Japanese written on it, but the product is made in southern China. Mofajang means Magic hairdresser or Magic hairstyler in Chinese.
I bought the Blue and the Purple.
The purple container weighted 162 grams and the blue one was 136 grams. So I definitely got jipped on the blue colour.
The product smells excellent, like men’s cologne. The boxes I had were crushed badly in shipping, but the jars themselves were fine.
Apparently, my shipment was held by customs, as it took over a month from when I ordered it. But the store I bought it from notified me and refunded me for the products.
So in effect, I got the products for free, even though I originally was expecting to buy them.

Overall I would give these products a 6 out of 10. They are a fun product but would be better if they used a lower hold binder.