Thank you for being a part of my life!

You are probably wondering what i want to thank you for?
A few years ago when my dad died i created some VLogs to help get some of my emotions out, in person people normally never see when i am upset. However, someone i knew found the videos online and told me they found them, i instantly felt ashamed.
I am much older now, and i realise i shouldn’t be ashamed about my feelings, especially with something as big as that!

I used to dye my hair for athletics, i never felt as confident and happy as i did when i was out there. It never felt like i was competing against others, just always striving for a personal best. The people i competed against were friends and i got to release a side of myself that other friends never got to see. I loved how it looked and always missed it when it was gone.
So I made videos on YouTube just to document how i looked with different colour hair. I was so surprised when so many people commented on them and supported me.

So that is why i take photos and make videos, just to share the things i love. Primarily, Bright colours, Animals, Exploring new places, Building things with my hands, and Coffee! I will be devoting one of my channels to fashion and hair, and everything that entails, and my other channel will be for all the random videos i make.

I finally feel like i am becoming comfortable just being me!

And i want to thank you all for being there, and accepting me.
I hope you find my videos useful, i love sharing knowledge.
I hope you see places in my videos and find them beautiful, and then go see them for yourselves of course! (let me know if you go there)
And i hope that i get to learn more about you! What you love, and want to share!