The Struggle is real.

Motivation is such a temperamental thing, it can change in an instant.
I find in summer i can almost control my motivation, read things or watch videos/movies that motivate me, but in winter i really struggle.
Luckily for me winter is coming to an end, but i am hoping to one day find a way to stay motivated over future winters too.

Plans for the summer ahead include doing more fashion posts which means i have to feel good about body and style again.
Get on top of the skin routine, fitness routine, diet, plan my outfits instead of being lazy and mixing clothes that don’t match.
It sounds like a lot, but when i feel good about myself it all comes naturally, my main struggle will be posting videos and blogs more consistently, i think i need to lower my standards for a while and just do stuff.

So today is the day, exercise started, cleaning started, just need to organise my wardrobe to better match my outfits, tomorrow i will buy a large mirror for the bedroom.

Exciting updates to come!

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