Weight Loss Soup Recipe

I posted some shots of my weight loss soup on Instagram stories about 2 weeks ago and was surprised that i got lots of replies asking for the recipe and other interested comments.

What makes a soup good for weight loss?

Ingredients that have lots of fiber, take up lots of space, but have very little calories.

You could use almost any vegetable you want based on your tastes, as long as it is low in calories.
The main ones i use is:
Cabbage and Celery
Many other people add in zucchini, but i don’t like the taste. If you do, pile it in there!

Other ingredients that are common are Tomato, Green Beans, Turnips, cauliflower, Carrots, Kohlrabi, chilies. (Spicy food will help burn extra calories, I just add in a nice amount of pepper)

You can google a list of low calorie ingredients and use any combination you like the sound of!

My Basic recipe

Half a head of Cabbage.
One full bunch of Celery stalks.
5 Cups Chicken or vegetable stock.
3 pinches Thyme.
3 heaped teaspoons Garlic.
2-3 Onions depending on size.
2 cans of Green Beans.
3 cans of diced Tomatoes.
3 pinches of cracked Pepper.

I cut the celery thinly so that there are no long fiber strands, i also cut the onions and cabbage thinly.
I add it all to a large pot, add in 2 cans of the tomatoes, as well as the garlic, thyme and pepper.
Then pour over the stock, you can add 4 cups, and let it cook for a while adding the last cup if needed depending on how much liquid your ingredients release. (if using zucchini for example you might get more liquid from the vegetables)

I let this cook for a while until the cabbage and onions don’t look so crunchy (about 20-30 minutes, but check it often), then i add in the 2 cans of beans and the last can of tomatoes. This is just to add in some extra colour to the final product, if you are using fresh beans i would probably add in half at the start and the rest at this point.

That’s pretty much it, i leave it for a few minutes to come back up to temperature, then it is ready to serve or store.
The only real core ingredients are the Cabbage and the Celery, the rest is up to you.
The final product can be vegan depending on the stock you choose.
It is very tasty and i find i don’t get bored of it very fast.

The way it works with weight loss plan is

Adding bulk, vitamins, fluid, and not many calories.
To use it in a weight loss routine i use it to stave off hunger. If i am in between meals and am hungry i will have a bowl of this to fill me up. Or if i over ate on calories during the day, i might replace one of my main meals with this instead, to keep my daily calories in check.

I like diets like this because they add in extra nutrients and allow you to lose weight without going hungry. Any time you feel hungry you can have a bowl and not have to worry about how it is affecting your daily calorie intake.

The most recent time i made this with Purple Cabbage, it has some extra nutrients that the green one doesn’t have. It looks interesting, but i would say overall the Green Cabbage soup looks more appetizing.
I made a video about this and will link it here once i upload it to YouTube.

Weight loss soup
Weight loss soup with purple cabbage

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