Finding wild Animals in Black Hill Conservation Park

Yesterday i went hiking in Black Hill Conservation Park, on the search for some native Australian animals.
Black Hill is on the outskirts of Adelaide Australia, Right at the beginning of the Adelaide hills. 15 minutes drive from the city on an average traffic day.
There are 4 or so main hiking trails at Black HIll, i took the Summit Trail, then turned off to the Ghost Gum Gully Trail.

I was hoping to find some baby koalas but unfortunately i didn’t see any. I saw two koalas right next to where i parked my car which was a good sign. However, Black Hill is a hill and as soon as you start walking you elevate quickly. Koalas are not found on steep rough ground. I did see a lot of lizards and bees though, i was looking for snakes too but lost my torch at the top of the hill and so couldn’t see into all of the holes and crevices.

Was it worth it?

It was a pretty nice walk, but i feel that some of the other conservation parks are much more productive from an Fauna perspective. People often worry about Australian animals, but as long as you watch where you are stepping and don’t pick anything up you are not 100% sure about, its all fine.

I Made a nice, pretty chill video for YouTube. Some stills from the video are on my Instagram Page.
I learnt a lot about frame rate and panning my camera that i will be able to use in the future.
It’s unfortunate that you need to make mistakes to learn these things correctly. But they are lessons learnt none the less.

I might try find some Enchiladas next time as i have only ever seen one in the wild before.
Next time i will try find somewhere that is flat, near water, and stays cooler even in the middle of the day. I think that should help me find them.

My Video