I am Luke Meadows aka MephistoRolling.Profile Picture of MephistoRolling

I take photos for a few BDSM/Kink events here in Adelaide. I like action photos as well as posed and fantasy style shoots.

I started off just taking my own photo in an advanced selfie format. Then branched out into taking photos of others. I enjoy indoor and outdoor shoots, with both natural and artificial lighting. I care more about the subject and moments i am capturing than the equipment i use.


To distinguish my two photo streams, i have two Instagram accounts, TheLukeMeadows for photos of other people, and MephistoRolling for photos of myself.

If i take your photo please tag @TheLukeMeadows or both accounts.

I am Adelaide based, but willing to travel anywhere to take photos.
Get in contact if you have something i can help capture for you.


If you are curious about my process, feel free to read my posts and look at my galleries!