Welcome to BSK|ME.

I’ve always had my own sense of style, i like standing out in a crowd and wearing something that is based on current fashion, but still very much my own.
I see people in town wearing Balenciaga, Gucci, Vetements, etc,  and unless you are a fashionista most people don’t even give them a second look.
I strive for the that feeling you get, when someone you don’t know comes up to you and comments on your outfit, or even just a piece of your outfit.
Your style is a creation, and even if you don’t make the items yourself, you select them, you buy them, and you decide how you will wear them and what other items you will wear them with. And from my experience a compliment on something you created is very rewarding.

Introducing BSK|ME
Haute couture/bespoke high fashion clothing focusing on Dystopian/Sci-Fi styling, using Technical and/or hard-wearing fabrics.
Items are functionally designed with adaptable/modular elements to improve fit and customisability.
Highly detailed with textile and jewellry adornments that will make people want to study your clothes once they are close enough to complement you on them!

The world is a crazy and chaotic place, stand out from the crowd, be unique, be different, be yourself!

I am really looking forward to introducing you all to my latest creations.

The Bespoke Me
By MephistoRolling